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The European Lemon Launches First-Ever Campaign to Share its Virtues in the United States: “Welcome to the Lemon Age”

The European lemon creates a new era in gastronomy thanks to its unique flavor and vitamin C

European Lemons Are #1 in World Lemon Production for 2020

Lemon from Europe: the two varieties that guarantee its production all year round

Why is it advisable to use lemon vitamin C during the winter?

Canada is already the third largest non-EU market for European lemons

European lemon, an example of sustainability at every level

Three benefits that make lemon a key food in the Mediterranean diet

Do you know why the lemon is nicknamed the “MacGyver of fruits”?

Three cocktails with Verna lime to conquer the most demanding palates

Verna, the perfect lemon for making the most refreshing drinks

DIY tricks to get the maximum possible juice from lemons

Citrus season begins in the northern hemisphere: the “King of Lemons” returns to the markets

European lemon, the unexpected ingredient to get all the juice out of Thanksgiving meal

What are the benefits of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach to our body?

Canada, the largest importer of EU lemon outside of Europe

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