Professional Lemon Age

Invite the Lemon Era to your establishment.

When you use lemons from Europe in your business, you know that you are offering your customers the highest quality product, and that it is guaranteed by the European Production Model, based on the most rigurous standards in the world in terms of food security, traceability, environmental protection, and sustainability.

You know that you are using a leading global product, sourced from a forest of over 9,000,000 trees, covering 40,000 hectares.

In fact, Spain is the number one seller of fresh lemons, (740,000 t), the top producer of organic lemons in Europe (126,550 t) and the second leading producer worldwide of processed lemon (236,375 t), with a total turnover of 688 million euros.

Feel confident that you are are bringing a product to your business that is unique in the world because of its origin, and adapts to the tastes and needs of consumers from all across the globe.

Chosen by the best chefs and mixologists in the world for its qualities, and apreciated by the most demanding of palletes.

Welcome European lemons to your business!

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