Lemon and white chocolate mokkaccino

15 minutes


2 people


2 fino or verna lemons
200 ml of whipping cream
½ tsp vanilla essence
100g white chocolate
40g dark chocolate 70%
200 g of espresso
120 g of condensed milk
4 marshmallows
1 lemon to decorate


Cut 1 lemon into slices and grate the skin of the other.

Heat the cream, 4 lemon slices, vanilla and the chopped white chocolate in a small pot until it boils and mixes, beat well.

Add 2 lemon slices to each cup. Serve the lemon and chocolate cream in the cup.

Carefully add the freshly brewed coffee.

Finally, add a generous stream of condensed milk, grate dark chocolate on the surface, also grate lemon peel and put 1 marshmallow in each cup.

Decorate with ¼ slice on the edge of each cup.

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