Lemon, cinnamon, sage and ginger iced tea

15 min


4 people


3 fino or verna lemons
4 ΒΌ cups water
3 black tea bags
5 cinnamon sticks
1 oz ginger
2 sprigs of sage
3 tbsp panela (can substitute brown sugar or other sweetener)
Crushed ice


Boil water and put it in a pitcher.

Slice the lemons and ginger.

Add the lemon slices, reserving 4 for decorating. Add the black tea, the sliced ginger (with skin), sage, one cinnamon stick (set aside the rest) and the panela. Let steep until cool.

Once our tea is cool, fill jars or glasses with crushed ice and add the tea. Add one of the remaining cinnamon sticks to each glass; using tongs, add some lemon slices, a bit of ginger and sage from the tea mixture.

To serve, put a lemon slice on the rim of each jar or glass and light the cinnamon stick so that it releases its scent. Serve with a straw.

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